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Northeast Blacksmiths

Northeast Blacksmiths

Northeast Blacksmiths holds its meets twice a year at the Ashokan Center of New York State. The Ashokan Center is in Olivebridge, N.Y., several miles west of Kingston, N.Y. The meets are held the first weekend in May and in the first weekend in October every year. The main demonstration is in the blacksmith shop and there is a "Hands On" workshop for beginners.

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Upcoming Meet is with Stephen Mankowski on October 3rd,4th,5th 2014!


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New England Bladesmiths Guild

New England Bladesmiths Guild upcoming Ashokan Seminar on 9/12-14.
Their website is at

Fall Forging Project

The project for the Fall is an item with a distinctive forged texture as a main design element. Including the method or special-ized tool to make the texture is optional.

Jonathan Nedbor
496 Tow Path
High Falls, NY 12440
Phone:(845) 687-7130

Ashokan Blacksmith Shop
The Blacksmith Shop at
The Ashokan Center

Carl Davison
112 N.Puttcorners Rd.
New Paltz, N.Y. 12561

Hi, I would like to welcome you to the Northeast Blacksmiths'Association web site. Browse the links on the side or bottom of the page to get to information on educational, upcoming and past events. Our mission is to promote blacksmithing through education and sharing to all those who are interested, be they hobbist, professional or just curious and want to learn more. This is done through demonstrations, workshops and hands on training. Please check out our site, if there are any questions please contact one of our board members through the links or if there are questions or problems with the site please contact me, Larry Brown

Stephen Mankowski
October 3, 4, 5

Northeast Blacksmiths 2014 Fall Meet at Ashokan

Our demonstrator for the Fall is Stephen Mankowski. Steve describes himself as a "journeyman blacksmith" and has been smithing at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation for many years.

A native New Yorker, Steve started blacksmithing in the summer of 1981 with Jeff Jubenville at the Genesee Country Museum in Mumford NY. From there he moved to the Farmer's Museum in Cooperstown NY and worked with Paul Spaulding. In 1986 he began an apprenticeship at Colonial Williamsburg working with Peter Ross. Stephen has remained in the Anderson Shop at Williamsburg and is presently working as a journeyman under Ken Schwarz.

Traditional methods of blacksmithing have been an interest of Steve's since he began smithing. Most recently he and Sheldon Browder have been making wrought iron from a bloomery furnace they constructed on site. The blooms of iron are cut and forged into traditional tools and hardware.

His plans for the weekend are as follows: "Friday night I will have a few examples of 18th and 19th cent. ironwork from the Mohawk Valley and New York State as well as a slide show. My demo in the shop will be a Dutch knocker latch based on one found up in the Schoharie Valley, a couple of thumb latches and pad hinge and pintle."

The last time I saw Steve, he demonstrated forging an axe from bloomery iron at the ABANA conference in Rapid City SD. He is an experienced demonstrator and I would expect we will hear some good stories about working in the Anderson Shop at Colonial Williamsburg.

Should be a good weekend with a great demonstrator, the display tables will be full of our members work, many entries in the forging contest and lots of good donations for our Iron-in-the-Hat lottery. Don't forget to do your part!

See you there,

NBA President's Message Fall 2014

President's Message;

I expect we will have a new batch of coal in time for our Fall gathering at Ashokan. Finding good coal is getting harder. Some mines are closing or have ceased operations due to EPA restrictions. A number of mines, with some of our country's best soft coal, have been bought up by foreign companies that don't sell the coal in the US but are instead shipping it to Eastern Europe.

I have found distributors that can get us a ton or two, but have to scramble to find us the 23 tons for a trailer load. Things have changed and the coal industry has been dramatically affected. Despite all that, I was able to find a good distributor who can get us a trailer load. I sampled their coal, it is pretty clean and cokes up very nicely. So you may want to stock up on coal when you come to our Fall meet.

As I write this it is just a few weeks until the 2014 ABANA Conference in Harrington Delaware. The conferences move around the country with the last one in South Dakota, so this is an opportunity for us to attend a conference only 300 miles from home. I know a number of our members will be attending the meet. ABANA's conferences are a wonderful time for learning, with numerous demonstrators from around the country and the world, lots of great tools to check out, an inspiring gallery of ironwork and much more. It is also a chance to catch up with friends and make new ones.

I hope to see many of our members at the conference and we can all share our ABANA experience with the rest of our membership in early October during our Fall "conference" at Ashokan.

Craft School List

Adirondack Folk School,
Center for Metal Arts,
Haystack Mountain School,
New England School of Metalwork,
Peter's Valley Craft Center,
Touchstone Center for Crafts,


Pennsylvania, 30 Mi west of Philadeliphia
Mr. John White of Heritage Metalworks is looking to hire a full time blacksmith. Advanced skills are not needed but he is looking for someone with a good understanding of the fundamentals. They are located in Downingtown, PA. But if anyone is looking for a career change their web site is and their number is: 610-518-3999

If you find this position filled please let me know so I can remove this announcement, Larry Brown, Webmaster

Ashokan Field Campus has changed hands and is now
"The Ashokan Center",
click to see information on this historic change!

For information on
The Ashokan Center go to,

Clean Forging Coal Now
Available at Ashokan
Stock up from this new batch

Northeast Blacksmith Association
General Facebook Page

This Facebook Page allows you to send an email to all of the members of NBA with a single address: NBA Facebook Page.

A member sent in some old pictures from a meet many years ago. See an old NBA meet and see if you recognize anybody. If you do contact me and let me know so I can fill in some captions,
Larry Brown
Click here for picts

Check out the 2014 Schedule Of
Blacksmithing Classes
At Peters Valley Craft Center

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